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Equipping the Called...

With Curriculum Created Around Charlotte Mason's Philosophy of Education.

"The Charlotte Mason approach to learning works."

I once believed this statement on faith and took a leap. Now after years of working though the cycles of History, Science, and Language Arts with my own brood multiple times, along with the privilege of teaching a wide variety of children at Red-Brick Academy, I can say- I have experienced its truth in real life.

I am excited to be able to offer the lesson plans that have developed over the years. These plans are all full year offerings. They range from teacher facilitated lessons to completely independent guides. 

I hope that in being here you have found something to assist you in your calling. Please feel free to contact me with any clarifications you may need.

My curriculum is of two types:

 * Independent Student Guides

 * Teacher Facilitated Lesson Plans

Teacher facilitated Lesson Plans have various price points to keep things affordable for small school communities and single families,



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