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Homeschool Mamas Speak!

High School Science

“The first thing I love about S.Timothy’s High School science is that it follows Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy. I appreciate the exams, booklist and short lessons. The experiments are concise and just right. The hands on labs and the experience of working with a microscope have ignited joy in my kids and myself to want to play more with science. We are never overwhelmed; neither have we been bored. The books are highly interesting triggering our hunger to know more.

One thing I have not seen with other CM science guides is the research aspect this one has. Research is a part of, not only college, but life. My kids are gaining more independence with research for answers to their own questions. It brings confidence when they can share with me what they took the time to learn themselves. No spoon feeding with worksheets will be found in this science. We have discovered that our hearts are hungry for more knowledge of what God has created for our pleasure and insight.”

-A Mom in Kentucky-

Teacher Facilitated Lessons

“These guides are the most user friendly our family has ever used. S-- has provided an essential tool for me to implement the Charlotte Mason method without hours of planning. (Which we all know can be difficult to fit in with daily life.) The daily lesson plans are clear and concise without lacking any essentials. The booklist is fantastic! We have thoroughly enjoyed all the living books recommended. My children look forward to them weekly! They have truly been a blessing to our family. (P.S. The one con I have is that there isn’t a guide for every subject!)

-A Mom in Georgia-

Geography & Literature

"I have been using S.Timothy’s outlines and guides this year and I am in love! Literature and the Grand Conversation in one of my favorites because of the thoughts and insight I hear from my children as they pull virtues from such rich stories. The outline is scripted and simple to follow so that substitute teachers (in our case Dad!) can easily pick it up and join our grand conversation. Another guide I love is Geography- it is so much more enjoyable this year! I absolutely enjoyed the mix of reading and narrating then opening our maps and getting a hands-on picture of what we are reading. The guide is so easy to follow, scripted even, with page numbers and questions, absolutely love it! My husband really enjoyed it when he took over class one day and was impressed by how much material there was and felt you could almost spend a day just doing maps because there were just so many fun things to cover. So Geography could easily be split into one reading day and one map day. I would highly recommend this curriculum. Beautifully written and so easy to follow. Completely stress free!

-A Mom in Arkansas-

Consultation & Scheduling

I had a consultation to go over my goals for the school year as well as my frustrations with what I have tried to do in the past. She helped me come up with a very simple schedule that is easy to follow yet includes all of Charlotte Mason’s suggested subjects. It has been a game changer for our homeschool. My kids love doing our lessons based on time and it helps keep all of us on task especially with preschoolers underfoot. She beautifully arranged our schedule so that I have individual time with each student as well as time with the preschoolers. Our reading list this year has also been exceptional! Both of my children are enjoying all of their books and my son is even starting to enjoy Plutarch! S-- has been easily available through email to help me with any bumps along the way and for the much needed encouragement. She is a gift and I’m so thankful for her wisdom and knowledge that she so lovingly shares.

-A Mom in Arkansas-


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