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Here it is all in one place!

Well- a lot of it.


These are things I have created and used for Red-Brick Academy and am currently formatting to make available for other groups to use.


This document is an overview of available studies by Form. Here is a bit from the introduction to RBA - and the history of these lesson plans:


"Red-Brick Academy was founded in 2016 as a 1 day per week cottage school to support local homeschoolers with academic lessons adhering to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. We did not begin as a curated Charlotte Mason fan/ friend group, but rather around a definite need. I knew that Charlotte Mason was the best way to meet it, the problem was no one had heard of her!


In the early years there were needs for the students, but also a need for the parents who I needed to help facilitate classes! I needed my parent-teachers to be able to understand the What and How of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. My challenge was meeting both of these needs simultaneously and in the flow of classes. This is when I set out on the crazy endeavor to craft lesson plans week by week, term by term, year by year, that would meet the need for living academic lessons for the students, as well as mentor our parent-teachers through the process.


All that work in the beginning has resulted in the birth of a dynamic Charlotte Mason community, and a set of lesson plans for grades 1-12 that are true to Ms. Mason’s philosophy and double as a sort of on-the-job teacher training.


The idea of “detailed lessons plans” may seem counter-intuitive to folks who are familiar with Ms. Mason’s philosophy, but think of it this way: How many times have we wished we could be a fly on the wall at ________’s house for a set of lessons - just to get a peek at how they are applying Ms. Mason’s ideals? Of course, we would allow ourselves freedom to tweak things and flow with the born persons in front of us – but wouldn’t it be nice to Just. Get. A. Peek? It is this peek that we try to recreate at CM conferences and retreats across the country. Immersions help us be that fly on the wall.


This is what I am offering. I am giving you all a seat on the wall. Here, in open & go paper form, is not only how I would teach (hypothetically, in a vacuum, with perfect attentive students!) but how I did teach students from a wide range of backgrounds and with diverse sets of abilities. These lesson plans record real life. Of course, no situation ever repeats itself completely, but year after year, cycle after cycle, these lesson plans have worked for us and for others, marking them as having that living and dynamic quality.


It goes without saying that you have freedom to tweak things and flow, but these lesson plans take much of the work of planning on days when you are at home, busy with your own brood, making the magic happen there. You shouldn’t be distracted from your most important mission in order to facilitate community for others. Which brings me to another point…

These lesson plans are not just: What-we-do-at-home… only-together. Home is magical and unique, but so is community. Charlotte Mason looks slightly different at home than it does in a class and these lesson plans have captured that. How can we capitalize on home’s strengths? And how can we tap into a gathering’s strengths – all while staying true to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy? This is something I have thought long and hard about over the years – and these lesson plans are part of the fruit of that.

Eight years later and Red-Brick Academy has become a fixture in our local community and in the lives of our families. We have had several sets of seniors graduate (including 3 of my own!) and some students who have spent their entire school careers at Red-Brick. As pieces of curriculum have been finished and proven, we have made select pieces available to other families and communities with great feedback. Now for the first time, it is all here (well, most of it!) articulated and available to help you facilitate Living Lessons for yours and for others. *


Here is a simple list of what we have:


Form 1 (1st - 3rd)

* Intro to American History & Long Ago

* American History 1

* American History 2

* Vertebrates

* Freshwater Ecosystems

* The Human Body

* Geo Board Geometry

* Vision Therapy Play 


Form 2 (4th - 6th)

* World Geography 1 - 2 - 3

* Earth & Life Science

* Physical Science w/ Archimedes

* Astronomy & Physical Science w/ Galileo

* Speech & Communications

* Hands on Grammar

* Relational Latin & English Grammar

* Literature & The Grand Conversation

* Mapping & Mapmaking


Form 3 (7th - 8th)

* Jr. High Writing & Grammar 1

* Jr. High Writing & Grammar 2

* Introduction to Philosophy

* Physical Science

* Life Science + Origins

* Living Geometry Ideas & Applications 1 & 2


Form 4 (9th - 12th)

* HS English 1 (See Store Listing)

* HS English 2 (See Store Listing)

* HS English 3 (See Store Listing)

* HS English 4 (See Store Listing)

* Mapping World History

* HS Debate

* HS Entrepreneurship & Small Business

* Meaningful World

* Economics

* American Government Philosophy & The Constitution

* American Governement Practice & The Bill of Rights

* Personal Finance



Please use the contact form for more details.

Red-Brick Academy Lesson Plans

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