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**Single family price ($40) available upon request.**


Use the Charlotte Mason appoach to help your student(s):

  • Learn the craft and mechanics of good writing
  • Review the 8 Parts of Speech
  • Memorize 56 prepositions with fun hand motions
  • Parse Sentences
  • Learn to proofread
  • Learn the art of writing a Short Story. Plot Elements, story arc, literary elements & planning.
  • Explore sentence types and understand when to use them
  • Explore punctuation. Understand the what, why and how of:

           -  Commas

           -  Colons

           -  Semi Colons

           -  Parenthesis

           -  Ellipses

  • Learn the art of distilling story to its purest form via writing fables.
  • Understand rhyme patterns, proper reading and learn to write poetry using portions and complete examples of many classics.
  • Be completely supported in having these conversations.
  • Literature and poetry samples, student pages, exams are all included!




These lesson plans provide:

  • 28 weeks of lessons
  • 2 lessons per week
  • 1 lesson per week is with the teacher facilitating and is 30 minutes or less.
  • 1 lesson per week is independent work or “homework”.
  • There are exams each quarter
  • This is the second of a 2 year study.

Junior High Grammar & Writing Craft - Year 2

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