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Four price points based on use:

$40 - (Single Family)

$85 - (2 to 10 Family Community Use)

$185 - (10 to 20 Family Community Use)

$225 - (20+ Family Community Use)

Please Contact Me for Codes.



Use the Charlotte Mason appoach to help your student(s):

*Learn the craft and mechanics of good writing

*Review the 8 Parts of Speech

*Memorize 56 prepositions with fun hand motions

*Parse Sentences

*Learn to proofread

*Learn the art of writing a Short Story. Plot Elements, story arc, literary elements & planning.

*Explore sentence types and understand when to use them.

*Explore punctuation. Understand the what, why and how of:

- Commas

- Colons

- Semi Colons

- Parenthesis

- Ellipses

*Learn the art of distilling story to its purest form via writing fables.

* Understand rhyme patterns, proper reading and learn to write poetry using portions and complete examples of many classics.

Be completely supported in having these conversations. Literature and poetry samples, student pages, exams are all included!




These lesson plans provide:

28 weeks of lessons

2 lessons per week

1 lesson per week is with the teacher facilitating and is 30 minutes or less.

1 lesson per week is independent work or “homework”.

There are exams each quarter

This is the second of a 2 year study.

Junior High Grammar & Writing Craft - Year 2

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