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Once upon a time we dreamed a dream of a Charlotte Mason Cottage School to support homeschoolers.


A community that was not a school and not a co-op- but something in between.


That offered core academic classes along with the feast elements.


That wasn’t a starting point to grow into something else but had a grounded passion for home education.


That wasn’t just, what we do at home- but together.


But was a fresh, committed, perspective of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy for a group setting.


That came alongside- supported and encouraged the goal of parent teaching child.


That provided an academic plan to serve as a rudder to the K-12 adventure.


That any parent could teach at- but didn’t have to if they didn’t want to.


We built it and it is beautiful.


Red-Brick Academy is now available as an all in one package with mentoring.


If you have ever dreamed a similar dream- let’s talk.


**This document will give more details.**

Host Red-Brick Academy (Information)

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