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-Independent Guide-


I’m excited about this guide! I’m excited that this guide is actually 3 guides and gives you a choice. In more ways than one, this guide is the culmination of all the others.



First, it is the final guide in this series and secondly, I personally feel as Ernest Rutherford did when he said, “Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting.” I love Physics! (Incidentally, he won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry!)

Of course the others are legitimate- but on some level Physics is the study of everything. It is a shame it is sometimes left as optional and generally designated as a subject only for “smart” people. I believe Physics is the science that can fire the imagination of every person if presented in the right context and that is the goal I hope to have contributed to with these guides.


I love that I am able to give you a choice and I hope that that doesn’t make it hard on you! I think your student, their goals and personalities will play a role in your final choice. I think that schedule needs will play a role- I also think that price will play a role. But I am confident that whatever option you choose for the born person in front of you- you will be feeding their mind and soul- connecting them with living ideas and giving them a solid foundation in the study of Physics.


Book List by Title Only:

(Keep in mind these are the books used for ALL 3 options! You will only need to buy some of them- unless you REALLY like Physics!)


“Exploring the World of Physics”

“Physics Made Simple”

“Instant Physics”

“The Universe in a Nutshell”

“The Soul of Science”

“Conceptual Physics Fundamentals”

“Exploring the World of Physics”

“Basic Physics: A Self Teaching Guide”

“Relativity & Quantum Mechanics”

High School Physics +Worldview

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