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~Independent Guide~


A full year Charlotte Mason High School Physical Science Guide that features a detailed daily guide and includes CM style Exams. It is aligned to state standards with optional labs. This guide comes as a digital download and does not include any books.


Personal Thoughts:

I love Physical Science! To me this is the science that sparks the imagination. It is the nuts and bolts “why” behind what we all experience every day. Everyone needs an introduction and functional understanding of the how, what and why behind our universe. In that spirit I began the year with a brush up on Earth Science. This is stuff they may, or may not, remember from elementary. Here we will review and step it up a notch.


Included in the Earth Science portion is a discussion of Old Earth vs. Young Earth. Wherever you stand on this, it is important for them to hear both sides of this discussion. Most importantly, we will focus on the fact that Science depends on “observable, testable evidence.” When you begin discussing the origin of the Earth and the Universe, we will point out the fact that you have left them realm of Science and entered into the realm of “faith” as no one was there to test and observe!


As for all of the traditional Physical Science topics- they are there, this guide is aligned to state standards. At the end of the year we take a brief look into Theoretical Physics, Einstein and the Theory of Relativity; the fun Brain Stretchers!!


The Schedule:

This course is set up for 4 days a week for 33 weeks. Each lesson should take around 45 minutes. I do 4 days a week because we do Co-op once a week. You could do 5 days a week and finish earlier or add in a relevant biography once a week.



Overview of topics:

Unit 1: Geology – Old Earth vs. Young Earth (7wks)

Unit 2: The Atmosphere and Hydrosphere (4wks)

Unit 3: A History of the Periodic Table and Intro. to Chemistry (6wks)

Unit 4: Chemistry & Energy (5wks)

Unit 5: Classical Physics & Mechanics (7wks)

Unit 6: Modern Physics (3wks)


Booklist by Title Only:

“The Elements”

“Science Matters”

“The Earth and How it Works”

(Substitute available for more of a challenge)

“Young Earth”

“Eric Sloane’s Weather Book”

(substitute available if you have already done this book.)

“Exploring the World of Chemistry”

“The Mystery of Matter” (DVD)


“Secrets of the Universe”

(Available individually from The Book Depository as listed below)

Liquids & Gases

Matter & Energy

Objects in Motion



“Einstein’s Big Idea” (DVD

High School Physical Science +Earth Science

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