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~Independent Guide~


This is not a guide, nor is it a lesson plan. It is a super simple reading schedule.


Books Used:

“Land of Hope" By Wilfred McClay

“A Short History of the 20th Century” By: Blainey

“LIFE- Our Century in Pictures”


Personal Thoughts:

In coming to our study of 1900-Trump for High school I realized that I almost had to choose between focusing on World History or American History. This block of time is just SO full. Now- depending on what your child has studied in the past it could be that you are ready to focus on one or the other with the other, having been previously covered, forming a backdrop for the new material. That would be ideal- but wasn’t our case. I hated to skim or skip either. To make matters worse- after reading both of these books I knew that they were a perfect fit for both rigorous high school content AND the elusive Living Book at the High school level.


I believe Charlotte Mason would be proud of both of these authors. Blainey’s book is so beautifully written that many phrases stop you in your tracks. He is truly a wordsmith. The fact that he is Australian gives him a unique and broader perspective. He covers things and ideas not usually deemed worthy to mention in the typical World History text.


McClay’s book gives the American perspective which I feel is so important to raising “…sane and serviceable patriots…” (Ms. Mason’s words!). President by President, policy by policy, he walks the narrow line of candor and pride as he looks at our nation and its involvement in world affairs. He doesn’t glorify, but neither does he make glib or arrogant judgements. He puts the people in the context of their times and wrestles with them as they face decisions that seem simple with our benefit of hindsight. He makes you honestly proud to be an American which is hard to come by now days.


I hope this is as much of a blessing to you and your family as it was to ours!

Keep up the good work.

Your investment is not just for your child but for us all.

Thank you.

High School History Plan: 1900-Present

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