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Six price points based on total

number of families in the community:

$45 - (Single Family)

$95 - (2 to 9 Family Community)

$145 - (10 - 15 Family Community)

$195 - (16 - 25 Family Community)

$245 - (26 - 35 Family Community)

$345 - (36+ Family Community)

Please Use the Contact Form for Codes.



Personal Thoughts:


This year we begin with epic poems/journeys and find by the end of the year that our favorite "modern" stories are firmly rooted in tradition. We trace the thread of themes through the British greats - see where they picked up and what they added. Sir Gawain - Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Swift, Austen, The Brontës, Dickens, Chesterton, Lewis & Tolkien! What ideas shaped them - what shape did they give those ideas?


How does good satire assume a moral base? How are the women of British Lit the same and yet different? Always inspiring with the idea we loop in study and practice of Alliteration, The Sonnet, have discussions about Metaphor, Allegory and Satire based on their use by the masters, while Parsing passages gives a unique look at grammar and how language structures change.


First semester focuses On ACT writing prep and skill gathering. Second semester focuses on what I sometimes call "money writing"! Articles: writing non-fiction as literature. We use Ms. Mason's famous passage as our inspiration and revisit it often during our many opportunities to practice what it means. As GK Chesterton ushers us into the 20th century, this "magazine man" not only gives us a model of what this can look like for the thoughtful and relevant writer but also reintroduced the value of myth and fantasy making Tolkien & Lewis and their medieval scholarship relevant to modern times!


Our writing and literature studies circle and meet!


This Year Give Your Students:


◇ The Lives, Faces & Works of:






The Brontes



Tolkien & Lewis

◇ Alliteration, Sonnets, Satire

◇ Metaphor vs. Allegory

◇ Refresh Parts of Speech

◇ Parsing as a way to analyze function

◇ 7 Weeks of ACT Essay Writing: tips,

technique, practice.

◇ Walk then through the process and goals

of article writing: Interview, Travel, Arts.

◇ Additional but optional extra reading/

connection list.

◇ Read and have supported conversations

of complete novels:

Sir Gawain & The Green Knight

A novel by John Bunyan (choice)

A novel by Jane Austen (choice)

A novel by Charles Dickens (choice)



Nitty Gritty Details:

• 28 weeks of Open and Go Lesson plans

• Divided into four 7 week terms

• 1 class day / 3 homework days per week

• 2 semester exams with grading keys

• A detailed plan for a year end grade that honors Ms. Mason's philosophy

* Student Pages


Visit the blog to read more about why I love this Charlotte Mason Approach to the High School English Credit.


-Books not included-

High School English Yr. 3

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