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Six price points based on total

number of families in the community:

$45 - (Single Family)

$95 - (2 to 9 Family Community)

$145 - (10 - 15 Family Community)

$195 - (16 - 25 Family Community)

$245 - (26 - 35 Family Community)

$345 - (36+ Family Community)

Please Use the Contact Form for Codes.




Personal Thoughts:


What do Anne Bradstreet and Wendell Berry have in common? What could possibly be said about the fictional characters, Mary Penn (A Jonquil for Mary Penn) and Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby) in the same conversation? I’m glad you asked – but it will be a year-long conversation to appreciate the answer!


What does it mean to be “American” and how has that translated into defining hallmarks in our literature? In this study we trace a path from the old world to the new, find a thread with Bradstreet and follow it through to Berry and in all of the spaces in between we meet the iconic writers of our home country, their personalities, works and struggles.


As we meet these authors, we simultaneously try our hand at their craft and look intently at their techniques in an effort to learn and appreciate fully. This study provides a lovely study on the often-neglected-in-high-school art of story crafting… fiction… creative writing! Yes – formal writing is important, essays matter. But you know what is even more powerful? The Narrative. Let’s discuss elements and themes and ideas along with Charlotte Mason!


This year also includes study of the Ballad, and a bit of ACT grammar prep as a final glance at what “they” think is most important to know!


Once again – it is a lovely full year of ideas and skills all under the guise of conversation I help you facilitate. As I wrap up this final installment of this series, I am reminiscent. Each year of this 4 year High School English Series has been so amazing that at the start of each new year I felt a hint of anxiety that nothing could be able to measure up to the previous - and yet, here we are with what may in fact be the best since it draws the ribbon of thought so closely to our present time and links so many ideas in a final recognition. In a sense, with this study, we come home – ready to start forth again.



Nitty Gritty Details:


• 28 weeks of Open and Go Lesson plans

• Divided into four 7 week terms

• 1 class day / 3 homework days per week

* Two Term Assignments

• 2 semester exams with grading keys

• A detailed plan for a year end grade that honors Ms. Mason's philosophy

* Student Pages


Visit the blog to read more about why I love this Charlotte Mason Approach to the High School English Credit.


-Books not included-


High School English Year 4

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