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Six price points based on total

number of families in the community:

$45 - (Single Family)

$95 - (2 to 9 Family Community)

$145 - (10 - 15 Family Community)

$195 - (16 - 25 Family Community)

$245 - (26 - 35 Family Community)

$345 - (36+ Family Community)

Please Use the Contact Form for Codes.



Ancient Literature / A Full Year of Grammar Study / Literary Analysis / Writing Literary Critiques / Notetaking & The Grand Conversation.


Once again the Charlotte Mason philosophy delivers and offers a varied and approachable feast. I can't wait for you to experience this year with your group, be it you and one other or a whole class!


If you have a hunch that there is more depth to delve into in the High School years - you are right. It is why even Charlotte Mason families are outsourcing these books, these skills and more importantly, these conversations. But why put them in front of a screen? Why miss out on this fruit in these years? One of the things I love about this guide is the "Optional Talking Points if Needed". Use as much as you need or leave as little you want. Either way- the support is there for you to confidently lead the conversations into deeper waters. Narration in the foundation and always will be - but the grand conversation is there waiting on the otherside. Lead them there.



The topics in this year’s study have the possibility to intimidate – I promise I will hold your hand through it all. This is one of the years we tackle grammar. We firm up the basics and then go deep with application of gained skill. I have made it fun and approachable for both student and teacher. We will keep this grammar study from becoming dry by adding in the art of literary analysis and critique. We will look at some of C.S. Lewis’ non-fiction work to get an idea of what this looks like and then include some of his fiction in the choice to write your own. Along the way you will learn 2 different and effectives modes of notetaking and find out about plagiarism and the proper way to cite sources (MLA). Finally, second semester, we will dip our toes into Ancient Literature! After beginning the year with one of the oldest epics in the world we will finish the year with the thoughts of some of the finest minds of Western Culture. To bring these thoughts full circle we will draw in some of the writings of St. Paul and Charlotte Mason. It’s a big year full of big ideas. I’m so excited that you are here.


Nitty Gritty Details:

28 weeks of Open and Go Lesson plans

Divided into four 7 week terms

1 class day / 2 homework days per week 1st semester / 3 homework days 2nd semester.

Class day is 45 minutes

Student pages

2 Term Assignments / Activities

2 Semester Exams and keys

A Plan for offering a grade



Visit the blog to read more about why I love this Charlotte Mason Approach to the High School English Credit.

High School English Year 2

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