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-Independent Guide-


A full year Charlotte Mason High School Chemistry Guide that uses Living Books and DVDs, is aligned to State Standards and includes Labs and CM style exams. This guide comes as a digital download and does not include any books.


Personal Thoughts:

I have heard so many people talk about how much they hated Chemistry that it almost seems like a cultural joke! I once saw a thread on Facebook asking for people to list books that made them cry; one lady posted a single word “Chemistry”! Of all the High School sciences, I think Chemistry has the fewest number of people who look back on it with fond memories. I have even had parents ask, “If my kid isn’t college bound- Why study it?” Well, the short answer is, “Because it is there!” And that is exactly what Charlotte Mason would say!


She has us stopping to observe nature, paying attention to the tiniest details in art and music along with a host of other seemingly insignificant things that will never show up on a college entrance test. Her philosophy was that if it is part of the created world- it is worth taking the time to get to know. What is amazing is that during that act of forming an acquaintance, we become better and more rounded people. Not only that, but something of that effort and time spent translates to all of the other “needful” subjects.


I asked the same question about Algebra when my oldest was approaching it! I polled everyone and asked them when they used Algebra in their daily lives! I would pop simple equations on innocent bystanders to see if they had any residual Algebraic knowledge lurking in their heads! My thinking was, if most people don’t use it, and most people can’t remember it, why waste our time teaching it? … And then I found my answer in Mason.


We study things, not for their use- but for the beauty inherent in each and every thing that is created by God. That is why your child needs Chemistry, even if they never use it! It is there. It is worthy of study!

So there is the answer for all of you- looking for a side door to skip Chemistry!


As for the rest of you who know your kid is college bound and wondering if Charlotte Mason can adequately prepare them for what is to come- I say yes, yes, she is! How did the great scientists we study today learn what they learned? Was it from a textbook? No. Was it from sitting in a classroom? No. It was from reading each other’s writings, reading the people who came before, people who were passionate about their field – is this starting to sound familiar, sort of like an- ahem… a Living Book? Well good, because that is accurate picture. They learned through reading and journaling and thinking deeply about the ideas and concepts behind all of the equations and formulas. Finding something in daily life and digging for the why. Experimenting, usually alone and unguided. It sounds like what my kids have to do sometimes!! But seriously! Chemistry is not beyond your reach as a homeschooling parent- in fact, you are likely capable of creating a more realistic scientific experience at home than the school is!


This guide is here to help guide you both! It feeds the soul and curiosity while being meaty. Several of the components of this guide have been used by others as stand-alone Chemistry spines. I have actually wondered if what I created wasn’t in some ways overkill. But it all fit neatly in Charlotte Mason’s short lessons and is just one more proof that she was really was on to something.


P.S. And while we study all of the ideas behind the equations and formulas- we do study them too! Balancing and all! Don’t worry! You will like it!


The Schedule:

This guide is set up to be done 4 days a week for 33 weeks. Each day’s lesson should take around 45 min. I have given you a heads up when you get to the unit that has the experiments so that you can get your supplies together. What I love about this guide is that almost all of the experiments can be done with things you have around the house or are easily located.


Topical Overview of Units:

Unit 1: The History of Chemistry; Atomic and Molecular Structure.

Unit 2: The Road to the Periodic Table; Compounds & Molecules; Balancing Equations.

Unit 3: Meet the Elements; Energy & Entropy; Reactions!

Unit 4: Going Deeper; Chemistry in Daily Life; Chemical Bonds – Gases.

Unit 5: More Chemistry in Daily Life; A bit about Organic, Inorganic & Bio Chemistries;

The Future of Chemistry.



Book List by Title Only:

“The Mystery of the Periodic Table”

“Chemistry 101 DVDs”

“What is Chemistry?”

“The Genie in the Bottle”

“The Joy of Chemistry”

“Balancing Chemical Equations”

High School Chemistry

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