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Six price points based on total

number of families in the community:

$30 - (Single Family)

$80 - (2 to 9 Family Community)

$130 - (10 - 15 Family Community)

$180 - (16 - 25 Family Community)

$230 - (26 - 36 Family Community)

$330 - (36+ Family Community)

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This is the second of a 3 year study using "A Child's Geography of the World" by VM Hillyer.

Appropriate for grades 3-7.


General Overview:

Geography was an important part of education for Charlotte Mason. Different aspects were studied every year alongside various studies. While History included an emphasis on map work and map questions, Ms. Mason believed that children need to have a good feel for the entire world they would grow up to live in. Geography has many facets, the physical geography but also the diverse cultures and people who inhabit this planet. If this was important then- how much more so now that we live in such a connected time.


This is the first year of a 3 year plan to carry your child completely around the world looking at it region by region. Regardless of where your history studies take you during Form 2- your child will have a definite sense of place in the world as they head into junior high (Form 3). This guide uses the perennial classic “A Child’s Geography of the World” written by V.M. Hillyer who is most well-known for his iconic living book “A Child’s History of the World.” Hillyer is famous for the conversational way he writes to the child without dumbing down the material. He has a unique way of making the subjects he discusses come alive.


Because this book was written in the 20’s it does contain some inaccurate information occasionally (ie: world population) but these things are easily corrected during the read and I have given you a heads up in the lesson plans when one of these details will be in the day’s reading. Some information is no longer true or up to date - but intricate to cultural understandings of places and cultures. For example, "New England as the major manufacturer for our county’s products"; This is no longer true since many of our factory jobs have been exported- but it IS where we get the phrase “Yankee Ingenuity”! These sorts of things lead to good conversations.


Due to its age, this book (especially in years 2 and 3) offers a unique glimpse into the diversity of cultures that is being lost due to the hyper connectivity of our digital age. In many ways this book preserves the beauty of diversity of custom and culture that is rapidly being homogenized.


Also due to the time period, there are some racial references that were considered normal for the day but that we now recognize as definitely not okay. These parts are easily skipped over at this level when you are reading aloud to your child, and I have given you a heads up in the lesson notes when there is a reference that may be inappropriate. Because of this I do not think that that these things constitute missing this gem of a book. As a parent I am willing to do the necessary editing as I recognize that embracing history and the people who populated it means being able to see them in the context of their time period and still value them and their contributions despite the shortcomings. As Ms. Mason says, recognizing that their conscience was not yet instructed on this point.



Year 2 will cover:

The Countries of Europe and the Near East (See the “Year by Term".)

Historical and cultural context.

Discussions about continents vs. countries and boundaries/ divisions of Europe & Asia.

The Arctic Circle and its unique view of our sun.

Peninsulas of Europe.


Famous architectural landmarks.

Famous physical landmarks.

Famous rivers of Europe.

This study includes map drawing from memory as well as the map questions Ms. Mason felt were so vital to a child’s engagement with geography. These questions move the child from a position of passive listening to active engagement. Ms. Mason said, “There is no education but self-education.” These questions will allow your child to be the discoverer of, not only the world he lives in but also the discoverer of his own ability to focus and develop the habit of attention.


Geography and map work are some of those things that intimidate some people and coming up with a plan and map questions on your own or on the spot can be daunting even for the most experienced among us! Here is the best of it all in one easy to use package. Living Book, Narration, Map work, Map Drawing, Map Questions and semester Exams!


We have *loved* this study. I think you will too!

Form 2 World Geography Yr. 2

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