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I was blessed to be able to speak and share some of the applications and techniques I have used with my family and in my work with Red-Brick Academy at the Charlotte Mason Centenary Conference held in Ambleside, England in July of 2023.


As part of my presentations I am including some hands on application of the ideas presented for the participants. This packet includes:


- From Narration to Essay. 6 sessions of detailed lesson plans for you to use in walking your students through the process we did during our class.


- Our version of the Student Motto that we use and recite at Red-Brick Academy.


- The Student Contracts that we use at Red-Brick Academy. These are customized by Form.


I mentioned all of these resources during my sessions - you may need one of them or all of them. I bundled them here together for ease.


I also mentioned a coupon code in class!! Do you remember?! If so - enter that at check out and this is a free gift!


If you don't remember, but you were in my sessions, contact me, tell me who you are, and I will send you the code!


You guys were great and it was such an amazing week!

Blessinings on you and your efforts! Let's stay in touch!

I am happy to help with whatever I can!


(Feel free to share this with anyone you know was there!)

CM Centenary Conference Packet

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