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 ~Welcome Friend~

I am passionate about homeschooling in general and Charlotte Mason's Philosophy in particular! After finding Charlotte Mason (See "Our Story" on the blog) and the life her method of education gave our family I want to help others figure out what this philosophy can look like for their families and school communities.

I currently have 5 graduates, and two still in lessons.

In the comparative lull, I lead Red-Brick Academy, create curriculum, write, and travel for a limited number of speaking engagements and teacher trainings per year.

Check out the menu- you will find information about curriculum I have available for purchase, some testimonies from people who have used it, fun details about our family's bus travels in our renovated school bus and more.

But more than sell you something- I would love to share ideas with you so be sure to check the blog & subscribe for future posts!

Enjoy your visit!

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Thank you! I love hearing from you guys!


 Thank you for visiting!

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If I can be of any assistance or offer any encouragement- feel free to contact me.
Blessings on you and your efforts as you nurture the next generation.

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