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Of course we know math can be living - but can just anyone facilitate a living math lesson? This is something that intimidates many.


Here are 28 weeks of fully planned out readings, narration prompts, conversations, the occasional youtube link and meaning hands on applications including 2 semester exams!


Personal Thoughts:


This study is designed to be supplementary and as such is suitable to a wide range of ages. In my mind anywhere from 5th grade to 12th. Since the student should be doing a systematic study of mathematics elsewhere in his schedule - the goal here is not to “teach” skills and drill use – but rather to unveil the  thoughts behind some of those skills and formulas and words they are likely already using. Our goal is to inspire with the idea – which in mathematics can often be more meaningful after the grunt work of learning it and using it has been accomplished. Sometimes this order allows for more recognition and appreciation. The fact that a student may already be functionally using a skill or piece of knowledge does not dampen the value of this study.


Our goal is to slow down, back up, tell the story, and inspire with the idea. I think that even adults will have Aha! moments. (This is the same principle as why most people like to enter Narnia with Lucy first – and then read the Magician’s Nephew!)


That being said – this could also serve as an introduction to geometry, but there will not be enough paperwork to solidify and hold ideas. So, this study could function in 3 ways:


  • As an introduction to geometry for the younger student.
  • As a vitalizing glimpse into the ideas and why behind what the middle student is using.
  • As a clarification for the older student of what the pivotal ideas and formulas are, since they can sometimes get lost in the clutter of upper level studies.


We use this study in our Charlotte Mason Cottage School as a stand-alone supplementary course to what families do at home. In the home setting this study would make a lovely “family” study as it could incorporate many ages meaningfully.


This purchase includes digital lesson plans only and does not include any books.


Living Math! "String Straight Edge Shadow"

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